STARTALK 2008 - Persian Programs

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San Diego State University

San Diego, California
June 30-July 25 (4 weeks-3 parallel sessions)

Grades 7-12 will be placed in smaller cohorts of 4-5 students, with a maximum number of 20 students per class. Each cohort of 20 will have a lead or a master instructor and apprentice teachers who are native speakers trained in a standards-based curriculum. Culture is a large component of the program. Three classes (one middle school, one high school freshmen and sophomores, and one junior-senior high school group) will receive instruction in language and culture. Field trips and connections to the Persian community are features of the program. High school and/or university credit is possible at a cost.

University of California Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California
Persian for Persians: A High School Summer Program
June 23-August 1

Persian for Persians: A language course for high school heritage speakers of Persian. The course will build on the knowledge that the students have acquired in a lifetime of exposure as heritage speakers. Heritage speakers generally have highly developed oral/aural skills as a result of lifetime exposure to the language, but many have little or no literacy. In addition, they lack academic vocabulary and skills generally acquired in school including formal writing, reading expository and literary texts, writing of all kinds from summaries to analysis, listening to lectures and giving oral reports. The proposed course will focus on developing these academic skills in a content-based curriculum designed to impart cultural literacy.

Center for Applied Linguistics

Washington, DC
STARTALK Assessment Training Program
June 8-June 10

CAL's STARTALK Assessment Training Workshop focuses on assessing students at beginning proficiency levels (Novice-Low and Mid on the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines-Speaking). Designed for STARTALK instructors of students, teacher trainers, and project directors, the three-part workshop includes an online introduction to assessment principles (May), a face-to-face workshop (Washington, DC, June 8-10) and an online follow-up workshop (June-August). Participants will improve their understanding of language assessment, washback to and alignment with instruction, ongoing program improvement, and evaluation.

Seattle Public Schools

Seattle, Washington
Seattle STARTALK 2
July 14-August 30

Seattle Public Schools Startalk Summer '08 proposal will enable the '07 cohort to continue taking coursework leading to Washington state teacher certification. The cohort will be increased by five. Minimum qualifications: BA degree from an accredited university and fluency in Persian.

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