STARTALK 2008 - Hindi Programs

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Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD

Euless, Texas
Discover Asia!
June 9-June 26

Discover Asia!, a three-week summer academy to be offered from June 9-June 26, 2008, will allow 7th grade students in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District, as well as students from the larger Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, a unique, tuition-free opportunity to explore Asian cultures and the languages of Hindi or Mandarin Chinese. Students will receive ½ local credit, recognized by the Texas Education Agency, in Cultural and Linguistics Topics for successfully completing the program. Students of Discover Asia! will also be introduced to the World In Transition series, multimedia educational materials produced by the Southern Center for International Studies (SCIS) in Atlanta for the World Affairs Council.

Indiana University

Bloomington, Indiana
Summer Intensive Program for Hindi and Urdu
June 13-July 11

SIPHUR (Summer Intensive Program for Hindi and Urdu) is an intensive four-week course that would be equivalent to one semester of university-level instruction in Hindi/Urdu. Each class meets for four hours per day five days a week, and students will engage themselves in various cultural activities in and out of class. Our goal is for the students to acquire linguistic and cultural competence. By the end of this program, students will be better equipped to handle a range of real life conversational situations.

Kent State University

Kent, Ohio
Regents Summer Language Academy: Problem-Based Learning Communities in Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi
June 29-July 26: Summer Residential Program
August 13, 2008-May 2, 2009: Saturday Sessions

The Regents Foreign Language Academy in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, and Russian is aimed at upper-level high school students and consists of a 4-week summer residential program followed by 9 Saturday mini-immersion sessions held throughout the 2008-09 academic year. The program in co-funded by the Ohio Board of Regents and entails no cost to participants.

Teaching Chinese Resources, California

Metro Los Angeles, California
Metro San Diego, California
Learning Hindi Language
June 30-August 12

Hindi can trace its roots to ancient times. It originated from the Devanagri script and can be associated with many languages and dialects. Familiarity with Hindi makes it easier to understand and speak Urdu, another important language of the South East Asian sub continent. Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi are spoken primarily in North India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

Language introduces culture in an effective way. As an indicator of multi cultural education, learning a second language can be a powerful variable. Moreover, teaching a language can be connected with socio cultural units of social studies. In case of Hindi, it can be interconnected with colonialism, non violence, civil disobedience, non cooperation movement, and many other units.

How do we teach second language learners Hindi? This will be done mostly through an illustrative content. Students are able to assimilate the nuances of a language if alphabet letters, words, and sentences follow a pictorial sequence. This will be accompanied by rhyming, repetition, and practice drill. There will be memory reinforcement material in the form of flash cards, bingo games, and worksheets. As Hindi is a largely phonetic language, technology will be used as an aid, such as audio and video tapes, over head projector, and LCD. The course will focus on oral work, reading, writing, and project work. There will be a field trip to an Indian grocery store/ restaurant, where the students will practice the Hindi speaking skills.

This is going to be an interactive and explorative class. It will be a passport and an exciting journey to a fascinating culture! Let's all join in, learn and enjoy!

ACTFL/CLASS/Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Discover Asia Teacher Program: Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD
June 9-June 20 (including June 14 and 15)

An intensive two-week professional development program that will allow participants the opportunity to focus on quality instruction, curriculum, and assessments for Hindi programs.

Center for Applied Linguistics

Washington, DC
STARTALK Assessment Training Program
June 8-June 10

CAL's STARTALK Assessment Training Workshop focuses on assessing students at beginning proficiency levels (Novice-Low and Mid on the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines-Speaking). Designed for STARTALK instructors of students, teacher trainers, and project directors, the three-part workshop includes an online introduction to assessment principles (May), a face-to-face workshop (Washington, DC, June 8-10) and an online follow-up workshop (June-August). Participants will improve their understanding of language assessment, washback to and alignment with instruction, ongoing program improvement, and evaluation.

Edison Township Public Schools

Edison, New Jersey
Hindi in New Jersey
June 16-July 3

The Edison Township Public Schools will offer a three week summer training program for teachers of Hindi who currently work as teachers in the community-based after school program run by HindiUSA. This program will provide professional development training for these teachers that will focus on the connections among standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The final two weeks will run concurrently with the Edison Township Schools Hindi summer program for students and will provide a practicum experience for observing standards-based teaching and designing and implementing standards-based lessons.

For more information, contact Martin Smith at or (732) 650-5200 extension 5248.

New York University

New York, New York
Summer Intensive Teacher Training Program 2008: Hindi and Urdu
July 7-July 16

This teacher-training workshop is an intensive 10-day residential program designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of current and prospective school, community and college teachers of Hindi and Urdu. It creates a learning-by-doing environment. At the end of the program each participant is required to present a portfolio. It equips teachers with the tools and confidence to undertake language-teaching responsibilities and/or seek employment. The workshop can be taken for credit or continuing education. Email inquiries to

Seattle Public Schools

Seattle, Washington
Seattle STARTALK 2
July 14-August 30

Seattle Public Schools Startalk Summer '08 proposal will enable the '07 cohort to continue taking coursework leading to Washington state teacher certification. The cohort will be increased by five. Minimum qualifications: BA degree from an accredited university and fluency in Hindi.

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