STARTALK 2008 - Network for Program Excellence Meetings

Post-Program Network for Program Excellence Meeting — October 2008

Panel Presentations (Friday morning)

Presentations on the application of the most distinctive characteristics of the 2008 successful STARTALK programs.

Presentation Title Presenter Description
Implementing Standards-Based and Thematically Organized Curricula Laura Terrill Laura Terrill's presentation on how standards-based and thematically organized curricula can promote enduring understandings and guide essential questions for teaching and learning in the classroom.
Facilitating a Student-Centered Classroom Muhammad Eissa

Muhammad Eissa's presentation on the principles of student-centered language teaching and how to motivate and prepare students for a student-centered classroom.

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Using Target Language for Instruction Shuhan Wang Shuhan Wang's presentation on how and why to keep the classroom in the target language.
Integrating Culture into Language Instruction Donna Clementi Donna Clementi's presentation on the characteristics of culture-integrated language instruction.
Conducting Performance-Based Assessment Jennifer Eddy Jennifer Eddy's presentation on designing performance-based assessment with examples of tasks in the three communicative modes.

Breakout Sessions and Workshops

PowerPoint presentations created for the breakout sessions and the topic-specific workshops.

Presentation Title Presenter Description
Performance-Based Task Design (Saturday morning) Donna Clementi Donna Clementi's session on how to design performance-based tasks for language learners.
Adopting Authentic Materials to Integrate Culture and Language — Session 1 (Saturday morning) Wafa Hassan Wafa Hassan's session on adopting culture-embedded instructional materials.
Adopting Authentic Materials to Integrate Culture and Language — Session 2 (Saturday morning) Dali Tan

Dali Tan's session on adopting authentic materials to integrate culture and language across levels, showcasing some 2008 STARTALK programs.

Synthesized Presentations

Presented at the Saturday afternoon plenary session.

Presentation Title Presenters Description
Moving STARTALK Forward Jennifer Eddy & Laura Terrill Jennifer Eddy and Laura Terrill offered suggestions for future STARTALK programs integrated with the attendee's feedback.
Perspectives of Hindi, Urdu, and Persian Programs Rubab Qureshi & Shuhan Wang Rubab Qureshi and Shuhan Wang's presentation on lessons learned from the 2008 STARTALK Hindi, Urdu, and Persian programs.

Pre-Program Network for Program Excellence Meetings — March & April 2008

Student Program Materials

STARTALK Student Program Curriculum Framework


Teacher Program Materials


(PowerPoint unless otherwise noted.)